Stress-Free Hairdressing

Travis Parker Academy takes the guesswork out of the craft. Together, we’ll break down hairdressing into a core set of reliable principles and consistent techniques that will empower you to deliver advanced styles clients love. Courses are available as high quality video lessons, and real-time classes, to make leveling-up more accessible than ever.
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Sharpen Your Haircutting Skills

Travis Parker Academy’s debut cutting courses add up to a complete system for taking you and your teams haircutting skills, artistry and styling business to the next level. Each course builds on the last to help you decode trending hairstyles, empower confidence in your artistry, reduce stress, and deliver personalized results that keep clients coming back. 

"Travis is a genius with cutting hair. Not only is the way he cuts hair effortless and modern, he also makes it fun and easy with no judgement. I would recommend anyone to try it. I’ve been doing hair for 14 years, and man, did it help me. Thanks again Travis, you’re the man. Love ya buddy ”

Dominic Serna @domdomhair

“ As a barber of 20 years, i’ve grown in the hair industry and have been blessed to work in a lot of different aspects of the business. From owning my own barbershop, to traveling all around the world educating, and even developing a hair product line. All of this wouldn’t be possible if I didn't make it a pivotal factor to continue pursuing more education. Travis Parker Academy and the Cutting Edge membership has really been enjoyable to learn from, as its simple yet effective, especially coming from the fact that i’m a barber. It not only gave me justification on techniques i already know, but most importantly, i am able to learn women’s focused cutting techniques and apply it to men’s haircutting. Hair is hair. It’s just about being open to step outside the box, learn new things, and apply it accordingly!”

Julius Cvesar @juliuscaesar

"I’ve never felt comfortable in hair cutting, I always felt very vulnerable, and I definitely had a lot of insecurities with hair cutting all together. I walked away feeling extremely comfortable with haircutting; and I would dare say it, that I would actually consider myself a actual hair cutter.”

Jamie Dana @jamiedanahairstylist

"The academy hits all the marks for my high expectations of education. The content is thoughtful and approachable, the environment is inspiring, and the educators are always focused on the needs of their students.”

Andrew Carruthers @andrew.carruthers

“I am so grateful for my time at the Travis Parker Academy, which has felt more like a retreat than just advanced education. His space is beautiful and inspiring, and unlike any other environment I have learned in. By providing a simple approach to shapes that we all know and love, I find myself revisiting pieces of the program daily. Beyond refreshing technique, I believe hairstylists will walk away from TPA with a renewed perspective on their time behind the chair.”

Judith Viola @judeviola

“By completing courses CC1, CC2, and CC3, I was able to really understand the fundamentals of haircutting as well as advance all of those techniques that I learned at the beginning. It gave me an arsenal of tools to use behind the chair.”

Kendall Schmidt @kendalljshair

“Before I came in on day one I felt so anxious and nervous because I didn’t know the terminology of haircutting and was super uncomfortable with a lot of haircutting techniques. I was excited but I guess just overall a bit scared. Now on day 6 I’m so happy I finished the course because I feel so much more comfortable in myself as an artist and behind the chair. I feel like I have all the tools and am so excited to be getting my certification.”

Torri Pelfree @torrilee_colorist

"What attending Travis Parker academy thought me: It’s ok to be yourself. Honestly ,Travis inspires before he even starts to teach. Not only in the hair industry but in life itself. I attended Cutting Course 1 and came back to Nashville ready to take on the city with my new found skills and confidence. Travis has the ability to reach out and touch people. He was made to share his approachable teaching skills.

Tim Hauk @airtohair

“The Travis Parker Academy experience is unlike anything I was able to find within our industry. It’s a program that provides a comprehensive roadmap for executing the full continuum of looks, from classic to current and trendy. As you work your way through the courses, the skill sets layer on top of each other, building your confidence to provide your guests with whatever look they’re requesting. Most importantly you walk away with a new friend in Travis, as well as a mentor.”

China Wilson @chinaknight

“I feel like I’ve learned so much more in the two day classes than I’ve learned in a long time. I’ve been doing hair for almost 19 years and yesterday was the day that I really felt like I finally ‘got it.’”

Eileen Parra Feeney @styleen


Become a certified stylist or salon today

Learn about the benefits of becoming a certified stylist or salon, in Travis Parker Academy's methodology, Hairdressing Made Easy.

Whether you’re a recent hair school graduate or a veteran stylist, this course lays the foundational logic for defining any shape and look. By course end, you’ll have the strength and skills you need to confidently break down, map, and execute any cut.

Learn However You Learn Best

Each course is available in a variety of modes designed to fit your schedule and budget.

  • Video Courses

    Go at your own pace with bite-size videos that mirror a live course experience.

  • Live In-Studio Courses

    Learn directly from the experts in a professional haircutting studio.

  • Live Online Courses

    Learn directly from the experts in real-time—from the comfort of your home.

Make Haircutting Easy


Building on the foundation of CC1, we go in-depth reading density, weight distribution, and texture to go wherever inspiration strikes. Map and deliver more personalized styles with predictability and confidence. Note: You must complete CC1 to register for CC2.

Our most sought-after class takes the core principles explored over CC1 and CC2 to the level of true mastery. This course releases your artistry, stretching beyond the foundational elements into new and advanced textures and methods. Go to the boundaries of your imagination within the comfort of a predictable, logical haircutting system. Note: You must complete CC1 and CC2 to register for CC3.

The Cutting Edge Courses bring our video subscription to life, and potentially, us, straight to you! This cutting collection allows you to choose your favorite way to take the class. Whether at your salon and you're hosting it, or it's LIVE online and your chillin at home, everything is offered both, as demonstration and hands-on; both in-person and online. Like The Cutting Edge subscription, these courses are about breaking down the latest trending cuts, utilizing the language and approach from Hairdressing Made Easy (CC1, CC2, & CC3).

Welcome to The Cutting Edge Membership

Every two weeks, Cutting Edge members receive a new video tutorial breaking down the latest trending cuts and in-demand techniques. Members also have access to the complete Cutting Edge library, where they can view and review over 20+ past tutorials. 

Give clients the cuts they want and keep them coming back. Stay on the cutting edge.

Meet Travis Parker

Through years of experience behind the chair and at the front of stylist classrooms, Travis has found successful hairdressing is far more than just cutting and coloring. The technical components require a human connection to exceed expectations and achieve truly masterful looks.
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Make Haircutting Easy