Stress-Free Hairdressing

Travis Parker Academy takes the guesswork out of the craft. Together, we’ll break down hairdressing into a core set of reliable principles and consistent techniques that will empower you to deliver advanced styles clients love. Courses are available as both high quality video lessons and real-time classes, to make leveling-up more accessible than ever.

Every two weeks, Cutting Edge members receive video tutorials breaking down the latest trending cuts and in-demand techniques. Members also have access to the complete Cutting Edge library, where they can view and review all past tutorials.

Give clients the cuts they want and keep them coming back. Stay on the cutting edge.

Make Haircutting Easy


Sharpen Your Haircutting Skills

Travis Parker Academy’s debut cutting courses add up to a complete system for taking your haircutting skills, your artistry and your styling business to the next level. Each course builds on the last to help you decode trending hairstyles, empower confidence in your artistry, reduce stress, and deliver personalized results that keep clients coming back.

Whether you’re a recent hair school graduate or a veteran stylist, this course lays the foundational logic for defining any shape and look. By course end, you’ll have the strength and skills you need to confidently break down, map, and execute any cut.

Building on the foundation of CC1, we go in-depth reading density, weight distribution, and texture to go wherever inspiration strikes. Map and deliver more personalized styles with predictability and confidence. Note: You must complete CC1 to register for CC2.

Our most sought-after class takes the core principles explored over CC1 and CC2 to the level of true mastery. This course releases your artistry, stretching beyond the foundational elements into new and advanced textures and methods. Go to the boundaries of your imagination within the comfort of a predictable, logical haircutting system. Note: You must complete CC1 and CC2 to register for CC3.

Learn However You Learn Best

Each course is available in a variety of modes designed to fit your schedule and budget.

  • Video Courses

    Go at your own pace with bite-size videos that mirror a live course experience.

  • Live In-Studio Courses

    Learn directly from the experts in a professional haircutting studio.

  • Live Online Courses

    Learn directly from the experts in real-time—from the comfort of your home.

Meet Travis Parker

Through years of experience behind the chair and at the front of stylist classrooms, Travis has found successful hairdressing is far more than just cutting and coloring. The technical components require a human connection to exceed expectations and achieve truly masterful looks.

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“I walked away from TPA feeling extremely comfortable with haircutting.”

Jamie Dana @jamiedanahairstylist

"The academy hits all the marks for my high expectations of education. The content is thoughtful and approachable, the environment is inspiring, and the educators are always focused on the needs of their students.”

Andrew Carruthers @andrew.carruthers

“I was able to really understand the fundamentals of haircutting. It gave me an arsenal of tools to use behind the chair.”

Kendall Schmidt @kendalljshair

"I attended CUTTING COURSE ONE and found new skills and confidence."

Tim Hauk @airtohair

“The Travis Parker Academy experience is unlike anything I was able to find within our industry."

China Wilson @chinaknight

“Travis has literally transformed my entire career. I didn’t know what I was doing or why. I’m now a national educator.”

Erica Moomey @ericaleemoomey

Make Haircutting Easy