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Look & Learn + Hand's On

Look & Learn
February 19, 2023 | 9AM - 11:00AM | 2 hours
Hand's On | FULL DAY
February 19, 2023 | 9AM - 3:30AM | 5 1/2 hours
Demonstration ONLY: 20 total
Demonstration & Hand's On: 11 total
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What you'll Learn

2 haircuts as means of inspiration | The Romantic Mullet & The Betsy 

  • 3 basic elements of each haircut  
  • Mapping and describing the head anatomy 
  • Elevation and distribution of each cut 
  • Partings and sections of each cut 
  • Body positioning and ergonomics of each cut 
  • Shear positioning and dexterity  


Course Breakdown

When you're creating a new trend, what's the most important thing? Replicating it! That's why, in this Cutting Edge course, we're going to break down, execute, and replicate two of the hottest haircuts from The Cutting Edge Membership: The Romantic Mullet and The Betsy.

Whether you're joining us for the full day or just for the morning demonstration, we'll make sure you leave with a clear understanding of why each section is taken where it is and how to execute the cutting process to create the desired effect every time. We'll deliver our demonstration in a manner so that you can follow along, ask questions, and go home with all of the skills needed to implement new and exciting styles in your own salon. While the full day hands-on course will focus on how you tactilely and educationally build each one of these cuts, so you leave with all the skills needed to implement these looks yourself!


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