Course Description

The Brixie

There are countless sources of inspiration, but it's up to us to open our minds and let the flow happen. Taking inspiration from the Pixie family, this haircut turns the dial on what will make it look ready for 2023. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, Brian Hickman, nailed this haircut on his social page, which completely inspired me to reverse engineer it for you! Thanks Bri! We will certainly find structure in this cut, but we will also find the inner artist through tons of freehand cutting. Your razor will be a true friend throughout, with the shears being used only for detailing on the back end. A cut that is capable of endless variations, allowing for true personalization.

Course Overview

Course Date and Time: August 14, 2023 at 10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST 

ZOOM link for class: Located in "My Dashboard" (top right of screen) once ticket is purchased and user is logged in. (Please join webinar 10-15 minutes before start time)

Course Length:  2 hours   

The Cutting Edge Courses 

Whether you’re new to The Cutting Edge or already a member, these fast paced demonstration only courses apply everything from basic principles, to advanced techniques, to everything in-between; all taken from our methodology, Hairdressing Made Easy. By course end, you’ll have the steps involved and mapping to produce, and reproduce this incredible new look on any client. 

What You’ll Learn  

  • 1 haircut as means of inspiration | The Brixie
  • 3 basic elements of the haircut  
  • Mapping and describing head anatomy  
  • Elevation and distribution  
  • Partings and sections  
  • Body positioning and ergonomics  
  • Shear positioning and dexterity  

For Your Convenience

  • Use The Cutting Edge blank head sheets found in your "My Dashboard"  
    • PDF printable provided   
    • Softcover books available for purchase through Blurb 

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