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Travis Parker Academy’s debut cutting courses add up to a complete system for taking you and your teams haircutting skills, artistry and styling business to the next level. Each course builds on the last to help you decode trending hairstyles, empower confidence in your artistry, reduce stress, and deliver personalized results that keep clients coming back. 


Start's with Cutting Course ONE

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Join Cutting Course ONE and take the first step in mastering the art of haircutting. Whether you're a recent hair school graduate or a seasoned stylist, our course will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to create any shape and look with ease, including how to breakdown, map and execute any cut, and the language to discuss it with your peers. Start your certification journey now and become a master stylist with Hairdressing Made Easy.

Building on the foundation of CC1, we go in-depth with cutting and styling techniques that enable you to go wherever inspiration strikes. Build confidence as a stylist, map more complex cuts, and deliver more personalized styles. Note: You must be a registered cosmetologist and complete CC1 to register for CC2.

Our capstone class adds a final layer of techniques to the core principles explored over CC1 and CC2. This course stretches beyond the foundational elements into new and advanced tools, textures, and methods. Push boundaries within the comfort of a predictable, logical haircutting system. Cut with true confidence.

Our Cutting Edge LIVE Courses are personalized and built specifically for you and your team. Like the Cutting Edge subscription, these courses are about breaking down the latest trending cuts, utilizing the language and approach from Hairdressing Made Easy (CC1, CC2, & CC3). Give your clients the cuts they want, and keep them coming back. Stay on the cutting edge.

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Travis Parker Academy is always evolving to help hairdressers take their craft to the next level. See what’s on the horizon and sign up for updates as courses become available.


Our Video course mode will give you access to the complete core curriculum, on-demand at your own pace. Start, pause, or circle back to review anywhere, anytime.

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The Cutting Edge is coming to you in 2023, both LIVE in-person and LIVE online. 

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