Building on the foundation of CC1, we go in-depth reading density, weight distribution, and texture to go wherever inspiration strikes. Map and deliver more personalized styles with predictability and confidence. Note: You must complete CC1 to register for CC2.

What You’ll Learn

  • 6 new haircuts as means of inspiration
  • How and when to utilize razors and texturizing shears
  • Advanced forms of layers and graduation
  • Reading hair density and weight distribution
  • Working with hair texture to personalize shapes and looks

What You’ll Need

  • CC2 Workbook (provided)
  • 2 Mannequins
  • Shears
  • Razor (+ extra blades)
  • Cutting Combs (wide + small tooth)
  • Water Bottle
  • Hair Clips (6+)
  • Detangling Brush
  • Round Bristle Brush
  • Paddle Bristle Brush
  • Hair Dryer (+ nozzle / diffuser)

Additional Tools For Video Advantage and Live Online Course Modes Only

  • Wired Internet Connection (more stable than WiFi)
  • a Computer, Tablet, or Phone (with a camera)
  • a Tripod (if using a tablet or phone)
  • Wireless Earbuds

Before registering for this course, please note: Our Cutting Courses offer a structured methodology that build on one another and add up to a single, reliable recipe to perform *any cut* with confidence. Because of this, all students, without exception, must take these Cutting Courses in numerical order: CC1, CC2, CC3. Thanks!

Course Modes

The complete CC2 curriculum is available in four different course modes.
Choose the mode that best fits you, your schedule, and budget.

- Available Now -

Live Online

Our Live Online course mode is a real-time, interactive experience taught directly by the Travis Parker Academy team over a five day schedule. Transform your craft with live instruction and feedback from anywhere in the world. 

Recording Requirements: Must have video conferencing capability and reliable internet connection to participate. 

Course Length: 4 days, 3 to 4 hours each

Students per Course: 10

Live in San Diego

This Live course is an intimate, hands-on experience hosted at Travis Parker Academy in San Diego, CA. Travis Parker and Jeremy Taylor will personally instruct your two-day course and provide you with transformative, one-on-one feedback. 

Instruction built around hands-on mannequin sessions. Tripods, mannequins, beverages, pastries, and refreshments all included.

Course Length: 2 days, 8 hours each (one weekend)

Students per Course: 5

- Coming Soon -


Our Video course mode gives you access to the complete core curriculum, on-demand at your own pace. Start, pause, or circle back to review anywhere, anytime.

Course Length: 13 hours

Students per Course: Unlimited

Video: Advantage Edition

The Video: Advantage course mode gives you on-demand access to the complete core curriculum, plus instructor feedback. Record yourself executing six course cuts and get personal feedback on how to improve your technique. 

Recording Requirements: Due to the interactive nature of this mode, this version of the course must be completed within three months.

Course Length: 13+ hours, self-paced over 3 months

Students per Course: 10

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