Introducing The Cutting Edge Membership, your all-access pass to over 30 self-paced trend-based haircutting tutorials led by Travis Parker himself, with new cuts added once a month. Available for 'per user' subscription, the membership is perfect for both individual stylists and salon teams. Purchasing for your team creates a cohesive and consistent level of skill and knowledge among all stylists, while individual stylists can master new skills at their own pace. This investment in your career and salon's success ensures you stay ahead of the competition and deliver the latest styles to your clients.

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Julius Cvesar @juliuscaesar @stmntgrooming

Certified in CC1|CC2|Cutting Edge Member

"The Cutting Edge membership has really been enjoyable to learn from, as its simple yet effective, especially coming from the fact that i’m a barber. It not only gave me justification on techniques i already know, but most importantly, i am able to learn women’s focused cutting techniques and apply it to men’s haircutting. Hair is hair. It’s just about being open to step outside the box, learn new things, and apply it accordingly!”

Ryan Weeden @ryanweeden @mastersofbalayage

Cutting Edge Member

“As a seasoned stylist I got lazy with my cutting. That is until I found The Cutting Edge. It’s creative, fun, and easy to follow, and I’ve never been more inspired to grab my shears and create a masterpiece”

Dominic Serna @domdomhair

Certified in CC1|Cutting Edge Member

“ Travis Parker Academy is one of the best websites out there; as online learning can be hard to understand, and typically not relatable to what I do behind the chair. His true talent is the ability to take something challenging, and make it simple. I also love that it’s pretty raw and not so serious with Travis’s fun way of delivering the cuts! It’s my go to for inspo and learning new techniques. Truly the BEST website out there for learning new and experienced haircuts. ”

Jessica Gonsalves @jess.stylist

Certified in CC1|CC2|Cutting Edge Member

“Obsessed! The Cutting Edge subscription from Travis Parker has been a game changer for my salon. It’s helped my team stay up to date on new trends as well as curated a common vision of hair cutting within our brand. Couldn’t be happier!”

Drew Schaefering @drewschaefering @cruxebrand

Cutting Edge Member

“I love Travis’ direct and simplified approach in the Cutting Edge Membership. The breakdown of fundamentals and perspective of approaches give countless options to create with confidence. Whether a master or a rookie in the craft, this membership keeps me coming back for more of his brilliance.”

Drew Schaefering @drewschaefering @cruxebrand

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